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Caley Jags Together have, today, sent the following letter to SPFL Secretary, Iain Blair.

Date :  13th November 2013

FAO :  Iain Blair, Secretary, Scottish Professional Football League

Re: Allocated date & venue, Scottish League Cup semi-final Inverness Caledonian Thistle  v Heart of Midlothian

Dear Iain

I write on behalf of, and at the instruction of The Board of Caley Jags Together, the Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Society, to register the strongest possible protest at the venue and timing proposed by the SPFL for the semi-final of this competition, and to formally request that urgent consideration is given to altering either the date, kick off time, venue or all three. I know that Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC are also extremely disappointed with this choice and have communicated with you, but for the following reasons we wish to have answers to the questions below for our membership and our wider fan base :
  1. The choice of venue, in Edinburgh, for the second year in a row is tantamount to awarding Hearts home advantage in the tie. Notwithstanding that we consented to a Saturday at 15:00 fixture in the corresponding day last year, It is beyond reasonable interpretation to define a ground as neutral less than ten miles from Hearts ground, in the same city, and over one hundred and fifty miles from the other clubs ground. Neil Doncaster’s recent quote regarding the criteria for neutrality in the  Ramsden’s Cup Final at the same venue appears to give credence to this . Why is the position different in Inverness’s case? This choice gives Hearts an unfair competitive advantage in the tie, as it guarantees them a vastly larger support on the day. Why was no consideration given to a venue outside of Edinburgh, namely at either Dundee United or Aberdeen? Both of these venues would have been more suitable and still involved a great deal less effort and risk on the part of Hearts fans to attend than those from Inverness. Both venues would avoid the extra fifty miles through Fife and a congested journey through Edinburgh for our support (Dundee is 116 miles, Aberdeen 108 and Edinburgh 158)  

  2. The date of 2nd of February and the choice of a 12:15 kick off makes the potentially difficult problem of getting down the A9 in winter conditions liable to simply compound the above, and will further erode our potential support. We cannot predict weather conditions, but February is the most likely month to see extreme winter weather in the Highlands. First Scotrail and Citylink/ Megabus assure us that there is no provision at this time for public transport that will get Inverness Caledonian Thistle fans to Edinburgh on time for this fixture. Megabus have one coach leaving Inverness at 06:50 on Sundays, but timetables are not available beyond 05.01.14 at present. This effectively forces those fans who have access to private transport onto the A9 as early as 07:00 – the coldest and most potentially icy part of the day. Hearts fans, on the other hand, will face a local bus journey or can simply walk to Easter Road. Can you confirm that safety considerations been considered with regard to this, or have they been simply jettisoned in the face of television and gate revenues? Were transport companies consulted about the availability of transport from Inverness? Have you sought the opinion of the Police Service for Scotland on this? Have you consulted directly with any fans representative groups? Have you sought the opinion of Transport Scotland?  

  3. At least, as with last year’s semi-final a 15:00 kick off would have allowed time for our fans to get to Edinburgh. The 12:15 kick off appears to be dictated by the fact that BBC Scotland will also be transmitting the RBS six nations tie between Ireland and Scotland at 15:00. This simply means that, yet again our fans are suffering to expedite BBC Scotland’s ratings for a sport that we neither represent or follow, when we should be showcasing a national football cup semi-final. Again coming back to the Ramsden’s cup solution, a later kick off time and broadcasting on an alternative BBC platform would have lessened this problem. Broadcasting from what will undoubtedly be a half empty Easter Road will do nothing for the image of the game in Scotland. Could you tell us why the SPFL has effectively colluded with the BBC on this to the detriment of football?

It is our intention to fight this obviously iniquitous decision and to change it. We have already begun to canvass support from The Highland Council, Transport Scotland, elected representatives and other Supporters Trusts. We will conduct a campaign through every media channel available to us, and already have newspapers committed to joining our fight on this. You will have noted today’s extensive media coverage on the topic. We will encourage and marshal proper, measured protest against this decision and we will petition. We are confident that we will have the support of every right minded football fan.

In the meantime, I would appreciate an answer to the questions raised above and how your organisation intends to address our opposition as soon as possible, given the time constraints on broadcasting scheduling etc. This e-mail is also being sent to you in hard copy and will be made available for public perusal on our website later today.

I am available to discuss this matter with you at any time, and look forward to your earliest response. 

Yours etc.
David Balfour
Chairman, Caley Jags Together


cjt 200Caley Jags Together Chairman, David Balfour, sent the following email to Councillor Jim Crawford this afternoon following his comments, published by the Inverness Courier - Click Here


I refer to your quoted article in the Inverness Courier published on 14.07.13, about Alex Salmond's brandishing a saltire at Wimbledon.

Whilst I am not at all exercised by the first minister's behaviour or your reaction to it, as the Chairman of the Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Society (Caley Jags Together) I am concerned with the derisive comment about "do(ing) it in the Royal Box at Wimbledon just brings it down to the level of football boxes”

We try very hard to attract more people to watch football in Inverness, by increasing the reputational value of both our fans and the matchday experience and comments like yours do little to help.  In fact, they mitigate against us.

I would remind you of the excellent reputation of all of our fans (not only those who purchase your looked down upon boxes at considerable personal cost) and of the economic benefits they bring to the Highlands. We need support, not an ill-informed slight prompted by fairly poor political point scoring.

We intend to publish this text on our web site and on our on-line forum.  An explanation of your point might be helpful.

David Balfour
Caley Jags Together


inverness ct“The Highland Derby is upon us once again, and with both teams battling it out for a top six finish…and who knows what beyond that…it’s now as important as ever for us to give all we can in support of the team as we make the push towards the league split.

All of our support needs to be in the stands to shout, sing and out chant our neighbours in what promises to be one of the most exciting derbies ever. By 4:45pm on Saturday, the least we might achieve is our best ever! So, buy your tickets now. Get down to the stadium, get online, get on the phone (0844 847 1888) and make sure of your place. Tickets are selling fast and it’s getting busier, so don’t leave it to chance.
Wear your colours to work, to the pub, at the shops (tell your boss we said so) – a scarf, a tie, a Caley Thistle shirt. Let people know who we are, what we stand for and what we are achieving this year. 

If you can, and we really want you to try, bring someone along with you; given the history of this fixture at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, then it should be easy to persuade them.  However, if you bring nothing else, bring your voice and be a part of the twelfth man that cheers the lads on to victory in what should be a historic moment for Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC…The Pride of the Highlands”.

Davie Balfour
Caley Jags Together


Established in 2005, Caley Jags Together (formerly ICT Supporters Trust) is an Industrial and Provident Society, regulated by the Financial Services Authority under the name Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Society Limited, registered no 2665RS.